Machining (production); It is the process of giving the desired geometric shape by removing chips of different shapes and sizes from the piece, taking as reference the technical picture of a designed workpiece designed in accordance with the standards. This shaping process should be done by using suitable tools and benches.

How do we do it?

There are different types of this production method, which is made by ensuring the relative movement of the tools and (or) the workpiece used in machining, by removing chips from the material through the tension created.

It manages the entire process from the design stage to mass production within the framework of customer requests and requirements, and offers products that have passed test and approval processes to the customer. Product and process designs are carried out together within the framework of a product-oriented working philosophy.

As in all other production processes, our machining department is planned and controlled by MRP & ERP applications. At the same time, continuous improvement has been accepted in our facility to process operations effectively and with zero error with manufacturing control methods.