Mepak started its production life in 2003 with the production of machinery, molds, metal parts, automation systems, and in our factory building equipped with the latest technology with a closed area of 6,000 m2 on a 10,000 m2 land in Bolu organized industrial zone, Automotive and White goods It has become a sub-supplier for the sector by producing fasteners for the sector.


CNC Turning, CNC Sliding Automat Machines and Machining Parts for Automotive and White Goods sector.


To provide high quality and efficient logistic flow production in accordance with customer specific requests.


Supplier that can compete with the world with our innovative thinking and innovative technological machine park.


Mepak continues its life by adopting the philosophy of being a huge family by protecting the welfare and social rights of its employees.


Always offering reliable product quality, Mepak is ready to meet customers' targets not only today but also in the future with its investment policy in line with technological developments.


Mepak, which has been prioritizing since the first day and combining its innovative technology understanding with years of experience; continues to aim to produce reliable, robust and highest quality products.


MEPAK Foundation

Mepak Machinery has started its production life with the production of Mold, Metal Parts, Automation Systems.


It has started to produce machining parts for the Automotive and White Goods Sector with CNC Lathe, CNC Automat Machines.

Our facility with 6.000 m² area in Bolu

We serve in our state-of-the-art factory building in Bolu organized industrial zone with a closed area of 6,000 m².


Our Global Production Facilities

We started production under the name MEPAK in 2003. We continued to grow by producing molds and metal parts, mainly in the production of machinery and automation systems.

CNC Turning and CNC Sliding Automat Machines have been added to our machine park since 2010.

Thus, we started to manufacture machined parts for the automotive and white goods sector. We have reached the position of sub-supplier by producing fasteners for these sectors.

We continue our production with more than 100 expert employees in our factory building that equipped with high technology, and has a closed area of ​​6,000 m2 on a 10,000 m2 land in Bolu Organized Industrial Zone.

Today, we serve in all directions between two giant industrial cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

We aim to be indispensable on behalf of our customers with the principle of fast start-up in manufacturing of sheet metal press forming and metal machining, high quality production and quick delivery.

We can offer solutions to our customers, either material workmanship or just workmanship with the ISO 9001 2015 quality management system,

Today; we produce 1.7 million purlin and 1 million z-rod shafts per month by processing 400 tons of steel with cold / hot forging and cold drawn transmission shaft machining for the automotive industry.

We supply the right raw material and take it to our production line after the necessary quality controls. Firstly, the part that was machined in CNC turning; after then it is checked with optical measuring devices.

Products that pre-determined process routes are is monitored instantly with the andon system in order to keep the production efficiency at the upper limit and to eliminate the risk of error.

Other operations in our production line are as follows;

Opening allen wrench way on special manufacturing benches,

Drilling pinhole with a horizontal drill,

Opening two corners, four corners, six corners, eight corners of wrench,

Cut a screw thread on rubbing machines,

Rubbing spheres on rubbing benches,

After these processes;

Products with final quality control, weighing and counting, are safely shipped to our customers’ domestic or international addresses through strong logistics companies.

our priority to provide a hygienic working environment in addition to high occupational safety in our factory building. We continue our way with the principle of being a big family by protecting the social rights of our employees.

We have succeeded to be a reliable business partner for our customers, thanks to our investments made in parallel with technological developments, our high product quality and solution offers.

We are ready to meet our customers’ targets beyond their current order, without compromising MEPAK quality.


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